Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Living Devil

A devil spawned the eggs on earth since 20 years ago. Life had been difficult since then. Atrocious, flagitious spirit overwhelmed the offspring of devil, making their way to hell. Had been transformed with the renowned figures of nauseate, profane autarchy framework, inhumane tyrant, shameless thefts of militarism surrounded by brainless stray dogs wagging tails but decreed the social welfare. They had been constantly hunted down by the fear of truths; the truth that they caused the social evils of poverty and injustice, the truth that they oppressed the perfection and freedom of proven human capacity, the truth that they shut down the gateway to the knowledge and intellectual exposures of the nation.

The miscreancy of military gangdom at large in great multitude. Hear the cries of motherless child. See the tears of young girls from being sold to brothel. Speak with dying old mother suffering from famine.

The bloody devils are alive!

Will the people of suffering stand up and revolt against to this notorious junta?

Ba Kaung