Wednesday, March 12, 2008


She woke up with heavy headache sickening her consciousness. Nothing seem to be working in her brain as she couldn’t make any of logical thoughts to find the present condition of herself. It was eleven o’clock in the morning with exceptionally hot summer season. The sun was almost at the peak of its zenith and shimmering every object under the sky.

Everything the light touch under the sky was so hot and could easily melt away. The odors of tar were coming out from the surface of the roads, and some were already vaporized into the air. Occasionally - like a fata morgna rising out of the deserted roads, one couldn’t vividly see the objects behind it except blurring. Even the greenery of the leaves was dried out instantly and the leaves were quivering about to fall off very soon.

Her garret was right under the zinced roof of three-storied building, and was also a place to detain a girl like her before she was sent to jail. As the sun was arising inches by inches, the temperature inside the room was getting higher and higher, and making the roof and the wall of the building sizzled.

She would still be in deep sleep and wouldn’t wake up if it weren’t the sunlight casting down on her face and the sweats, caused by the extremely warm temperature inside the room, underneath of her back, were soaking her cotton blouse.

Even though the room was designed without having any small windows, except only one main front door, specifically to cloister her from outside world, but the light was already able to find a way to sneak and crawl into her room through a small crevice from the top end of the wall.

She barely opened her eyes and started to realize that she still hasn’t eaten any food since yesterday. As the sense of consciousness was slowly coming back in her mind, the blood of her entire body was throbbing into her veins and pressing down all the sensible nerves up to both sides of her head. She could feel that the sound of blood pounding was almost blasted out of her head.

She thought for a while that she was so desperate to detach her head right away, ram it down until the pains were leaked out from her mouth, nose, and ears, and so that it left only the crash pieces of skull, brain, eye balls, and the teeth, again mold it into a one dense sphere head smeared with blood, spilling through her fingers, burned it and transformed into a flaming ball. And threw it down on the asphalt with its utmost acceleration, the moment when it stroke, it would shatter into a trillion bits and vanished this terrible pain away.

While her thoughts were lingering on and on with enormous degree of sufferings, a strong thirst was suddenly assailed her throat cutting like a sharp knife. She cried out for a drop of water but she couldn’t make any sound except the realization that she didn’t even have enough strength to open her mouth. She was too weak.

She remembered the day before she was captured by the military intelligent that she was on her way to see her son, who was only one year old. He was born the day his father was taken away from home by the military officers. Since then military officers were chasing her and tracking down every movement she made, she had to leave her son immediately with her mother, and disappeared for a while. But government spies were carefully orchestrated, waiting every corners of the street, knowing that a mother of a child would definitely come back, and snatched her before she was able to see her son.

The only ridiculous reason they could gave in order to arrest her was that she made her sincere offerings of foods and water to the monks of marching. How absurd it was. She knew that there were so much of corruptions in the country, nasty businessmen involved and blended together with the government military officers enjoying their birthday parties while people of the country are suffering and dying from famine.

She was just an ordinary girl, but stood up for what was right and what was wrong in the society. One doesn’t has to have superior knowledge to make a proper judgment of the difference between inferior and superior state of living. There are fundamental principles of the human world that we, people, are supposed to live like any other class of the human societies. If those principles were lacking, then one could definitely rationalized that the society we were living in was having total destruction.

She had lost everything including her husband, and became the one believing in the power of the people who can emancipate her life and the lives of the country. No one would understand what life it was loosing her love ones.

She strengthened and geared up herself to drive the force of will to change the future of her country. She had been living in the dark world for a long time. She needed a light of changes.

Ba Kaung.